If you could read your customer's mind, what would you want to know?
What they want? How you can top your competition? Andrea Olson knows how to inspire audiences to get customer-focused.

She is a customer engagement expert and business leader...and hilarious. Some folks call her a "comedic storyteller." But don't take our word for it - see her in action.

American Marketing Association - Keynote Presentation

MEDCO Annual Lunch - Keynote Presentation

Who is Andrea Olson?

A dynamic and motivational public speaker, Andrea frequently delivers keynote speeches at national and statewide events, and spoke at the University of Iowa by special invitation. Her genuine personality and cutting sense of humor make her a fun and memorable communicator that people connect with immediately.

She regularly addresses both small groups and massive crowds in her capacity as a customer centricity expert, reaching thousands of executives, leaders, marketers, and young entrepreneurs each year with her powerful message of innovation and customer focus. Check out her LinkedIn profile for more.

What topics does Andrea speak on?

Andrea's diverse background lends itself to a wide range of business and industry topics, including but not limited to:

- Innovation and growth
- Customer insights
- Customer-centricity
- Organizational communications
- Customer marketing
- Company culture
- Employee engagement
- Branding strategy

Where has Andrea spoken before?

Andrea frequently delivers speeches and keynotes to major events and organizations, including (an abbreviated list):

IMEC Annual Conference
Manufacturing Leadership Institute
Lumina Conference
FABTECH (Center Stage)
St. Louis MML Conference
The MFG Meeting (NTMA)
Advantage Design & Manufacturing Conference
Convergence Conference
Immigrant Entrepreneurs Summit
CBJ Manufacturing Conference
Midwest Digital Marketing Conference
Marion Economic Development Conference
IACCT Conference
Trustbelt Conference
American Marketing Association

What about custom presentations?

Yep, we can do that too. Just let us know your event theme, audience, objectives, and presentation timeframe.

What's it going to cost?

Presentations range from $1,000 to $15,000 all-in, depending on venue, organization, event size, and location. We also provide great discounts for non-profit organizations or groups with tight budgets.

Got anything to share with my selection committee?

Yes. Feel free to download Andrea's Speaker Kit, which highlights topics, previous engagements, and much more.

“The seminar was fantastic - incredibly engaging and entertaining.”
- Victoria Hoffman, Product Manager, Highwood USA

“Hilarious and educational. Andrea was an unforgettable presenter."
- Craig Montez, Business Group Leader, Miron Construction

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