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Culture Camp, Mission Lab + Customer Labs
We all know the old saying "lead by example". But instead, we often try to create culture change by telling rather than showing. You need a better way. You need Culture Camp.

Forget trust falls. Learn real skills and have real discussions that create real culture change. Culture Camp is an all-access, two-day program that teaches you:

1. How to understand your current culture and define where you want to go

2. Tools and methods to define and frame cultural change around a common purpose

3. How Fortune 500 companies and small businesses use culture change to innovate, adapt, and compete

4. How to better collaborate, communicate, lead change from the middle out and more
Culture Camp is not lecture-based or theoretical.
In addition to hands-on training, we actively address your biggest internal communications and cultural challenges, including:

1. Defining organizational culture
2. Putting a scope on your values
3. Building a customer and service-driven mission
4. Communicating for understanding techniques
5. Streamlining internal communications processes
6. Identifying, prioritizing, and accelerating issues
7. Capturing employee perceptions and feedback
8. Creating solution teams
9. Empowering employees to take action

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Your mission statement should be filled with passion, purpose, and goals, along with guiding organizational decision-making. Yet most missions are undifferentiated, unmemorable, and often meaningless. You need a Mission Lab.

A Mission Lab is a hands-on method for crafting a mission, vision and values that drive real growth. Mission Lab is a one-day, practical program that teaches you:

1. Why traditional mission statements fail and what a Customer Mission is (and isn't) about

2. The four critical components of a Customer Mission and how to craft a clear, common organizational direction

3. How to architect a Customer Mission with your "purpose", the "how", and the "outcomes"

4. How to craft supporting organizational values with a clear scope, common understanding, and more
This is no boring lecture. You walk away with a set of game-changing tools and help you create a true guide for organizational direction, including:

1. Auditing your current mission, vision and values
2. Identifying what's lacking in traditional missions
3. Learning the four components of a Customer Mission
4. Architecting your Customer Mission and Vision
5. Defining customer-driven values
6. Putting a scope on those values
7. Communicating your mission to your organization
8. Integrating and living your customer-centric values

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Andrea Olson - Customer Lab Seminar
Most organizations don't capture truly useful customer insights. We often ask mediocre questions, which yield mediocre answers, and struggle to translate that input into revenue-generating deliverables. There's a better way - through Customer Labs.

Customer Labs are a set of interactive workshops, facilitated by customer-centricity expert Andrea Olson and her team. End-to-end, the process focuses on three deliverables:

1. Engaging your key people to talk and think differently about customers, innovation, and problem solving

2. How to capture and leverage useful customer insights and translate them into revenue growth

3. Create the mechanisms necessary to measure value and drive strategic growth
Training on how to conduct effective customer needs analyses and assessments

1. Learn how to define and segment different types of customers
2. Learn how to frame great questions and capture better customer information
3. Learn how to identify undiscovered customer needs through our 6-part assessment process

Training on how to evaluate and prioritize customer needs

1. Learn how to evaluate customer input and objectives using our Customer Mission Mapping process
2. Learn how to use the "5 Whys" and the "5 So Whats" to rank and prioritize customer input
(This Lab requires bringing real world customer input to the session, whether independently collected or from the Customer Insights Lab.)

Training on how to connect customer needs to strategy, brand and goals

1. Learn how to build a customer-centric growth strategy, differentiating between goals, tactics, and "how to win" strategies
Learn how to eliminate gaps in your brand using our Customer Mission Alignment Analysis
3. Learn how to empower your team to take action on customer discoveries and measure success

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Three Customer Lab Options
Andrea Olson - IMEC Keynote