Mission Lab.

Does your mission have meaning?
Your mission statement should be filled with passion, purpose, and goals, along with guiding organizational decision-making. Yet most missions are undifferentiated, unmemorable, and often meaningless. You need a Mission Lab.

What's a mission lab?
A hands-on method for crafting a mission, vision and values that drive real growth. Mission Lab is a one-day, practical program that teaches you:

1. Why traditional mission statements fail and what a Customer Mission is (and isn't) about

2. The four critical components of a Customer Mission and how to craft a clear, common organizational direction

3. How to architect a Customer Mission with your "purpose", the "how", and the "outcomes"

4. How to craft supporting organizational values with a clear scope, common understanding, and more…

Who attends a mission lab?
Past attendees have been primarily C-Suite leaders, business owners, boards of directors, and company presidents. We've held Mission Lab events for non-profits, INC 5000 companies, and government organizations, to name a few.

What's included in the mission lab?
This is no boring lecture. You walk away with a set of game-changing tools and help you create a true guide for organizational direction, including:

- Auditing your current mission, vision and values
- Identifying what's lacking in traditional missions
- Learning the four components of a Customer Mission
- Architecting your Customer Mission and Vision
- Defining customer-driven values
- Putting a scope on those values
- Communicating your mission to your organization
- Integrating and living your customer-centric values