Here's the deal: most organizations don't capture truly useful customer insights. We often ask mediocre questions, which yield mediocre answers, and struggle to translate that input into revenue-generating deliverables. There's a better way - through Customer Labs.

What the heck are Customer Labs?

Customer Labs are a set of interactive workshops, facilitated by customer-centricity expert Andrea Olson and her team.

End-to-end, the process usually runs three months and focuses on three deliverables:

1. Engaging your key people to talk and think differently about customers, innovation, and problem solving

2. How to capture and leverage useful customer insights and translate them into revenue growth

3. Create the mechanisms necessary to measure value and drive strategic growth


Conducting needs analyses and assessments

- Learn how to define and segment different types of customers

- Learn how to frame great questions and capture better customer information

- Learn how to identify undiscovered customer needs through our 6-part assessment process


Evaluating and prioritizing customer needs

- Learn how to evaluate customer input and objectives using our Customer Mission Mapping process

- Learn how to use the "5 Whys" and the "5 So Whats" to rank and prioritize customer input

(This Lab requires bringing real world customer input to the session, whether independently collected or from the Insights Lab.)


Connecting needs to strategy, brand and goals

- Learn how to build a customer-centric growth strategy, differentiating between goals, tactics, and "how to win" strategies

- Learn how to eliminate gaps in your brand using our Customer Mission Alignment Analysis

- Learn how to empower your team to take action on customer discoveries and measure success

How will my organization benefit?
The exercises you'll do in the Customer Labs will get you understanding your customers, rather than simply following the competition. Identify their existing and potential needs through the Lab's "Customer Mission Mapping" exercises, learn how to identify and prioritize those discoveries, and empower your team to take action. You'll come out with a great strategic direction, and the way you'll get there will be totally innovative and engaging. We promise.

How Long is Each Lab?
Labs are 1 to 2 day programs (depending on the Lab), and each include 3 months of post-lab coaching.

Do We Have to do All Three Labs?
No, but we highly recommend it. Each Lab builds off the other, so doing them in succession adds incredible value. Alternatively, you can do any Lab individually based on your organization's unique needs.

Whom Should We Invite to a Lab?
We recommend a 50/50 blend of traditionalists (they might be called "the usual suspects") and off-the-wall idea generators, i.e. young leaders, intrapreneurs, interns, rabble-rousers and people who just think differently.

How Many People Can Be In a Lab?
We suggest no less than 10 and no more than 18 people in a Lab at a time. This allows for an ideal balance of creativity, deep dives into specific challenges, effective collaboration, and most importantly - true learning. If you would like to have a Lab for less than 10 people, contact us.

How Much is this Gonna Cost?
Customer Labs start at $4,500 per Lab, for up to 15 attendees. (special company rates and packages available). We offer a money-back guarantee - if your organization is not more prepared and mobilized after a Customer Lab, you don't pay one penny.

You'll Be in Good Company.
We've run labs for organizations and companies across the US including in the following locations:
Allentown, PA
Chicago, IL
Cedar Rapids, IA  
Des Moines, IA
Anaheim, CA
Menomonie, WI
St. Louis, MO
Cleveland, OH
Davenport, IA....and more!

Ready to get started?
Might a Customer Lab be just what your organization needs? Contact us to learn more and get a Lab set up for your team.