Culture Camp.

Making culture change that sticks.
We all know the old saying "lead by example". But instead, we often try to create culture change by telling rather than showing. You need a better way. You need Culture Camp.

Forget the trust falls. Learn real skills and have real discussions that create real culture change.

Culture Camp is a three month, all-access program that teaches you:

1. How to understand your current culture and define where you want to go

2. Tools and methods to define and frame cultural change around a common purpose

3. How Fortune 500 companies and small businesses use culture change to innovate, adapt, and compete

4. How to better collaborate, communicate, lead change from the middle out and more…

Culture Camp is not lecture-based or theoretical. It’s applied, hands-on, learn-by-doing training. Your instructors include leadership trainers, communications experts, and Andrea Olson.

Team Gathering - Culture Camp

By the numbers:
20 attendees max
10 ft high bonfires
9 amazing meals
3 months of post-camp education, including coaching
3 days in Iowa
3 key instructors
1 epic workbook of materials, tools and resources
0 powerpoints, conference rooms or boring bagels

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Who attends culture camp?
Past attendees have included executive directors, CEOs, business leaders, HR professionals, college professors, managers, and community leaders. Many of our attendees work closely with both the private and public sector.

What's included in culture camp?
In addition to hands-on training, we actively address your biggest internal communications and cultural challenges, including:

- Defining organizational culture
- Putting a scope on your values
- Building a customer and service-driven mission
- Communicating for understanding techniques
- Streamlining internal communications processes
- Identifying, prioritizing, and accelerating issues
- Capturing employee perceptions and feedback
- Creating solution teams
- Empowering employees to take action...and more

What if we really don't want to camp?
No problem. We can hold Culture Camps at other offsite locations that better fit your team's needs. We only require that it not be held at in an office location or setting.

What if we only have time to do a one day event?
We get it - you are busy! Our Culture Camps can be broken out into 1-day Mini Camps, focused on one of the three areas covered in the full camp experience: Culture, Communications, or Innovation. Mini camps are required to be held in a non-office location or setting.

Regrettably, we don't offer actual camping for our 1-day Mini Camps.