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Andrea Olson

Andrea Olson, MSC.
Andrea Olson is the squad leader. Trained as a strategist and customer communications expert, Andrea helps clients discover “customer needs” through speaking from the stage, leading Culture Camps, Mission Labs and Customer Labs for organizations, and teaching others the art and science of customer centricity. She is also literally a world traveler, having worked in over 12 different countries throughout her early career.

An avid writer and author, Andrea publishes over 100 articles and white papers each year, across a spectrum of customer-centric topics. She is known for her easy-to-read writing style, and a knack for diving deep into areas others are afraid to discuss.

Andrea has been a contributor to over 20 national publications, including Industry Week, St. Louis Business Today, IISE, Iowa Association of Business & Industry, Consulting & Specifying Engineer, and Global Manufacturing, to name a few.