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Nationally published works on subjects ranging from leadership and innovation, to transforming the manufacturing industry. Custom articles and studies are available upon request.


Book Authorship

No Disruptions; The New Future for Mid-Market Manufacturing

Andrea's most recent book, No Disruptions, provides manufacturing leaders an easy, educational read on how to optimize revenue generation through marketing, branding, and effective technology implementation.


This book is about middle-market US manufacturers in the Midwest, but more importantly, across America.

No Disruptions will no doubt cause discussion within the manufacturing industry in the heartland, Family owned or controlled businesses need an impetus to change, or our national OEMs will begin to outsource many of the services, which have kept the region vital for so long.

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Nationally Published Articles

Featured author in over 65 industry publications

An avid writer and author, Andrea publishes over 100 articles and white papers each year, across a spectrum of industrial marketing & leadership topics. Known for her easy-to-read writing style, and a knack for diving deep into areas others are afraid to discuss, Andrea provides unique insights to leadership, technology, marketing, business development, communications, and much more.


Some of Andrea's articles are all available on her LinkedIn Blog and are also featured on her company website. She also provides research, writing, and consulting services.

Andrea's Weekly Blog

Series of weekly articles discussing innovation, change, and leadership

Andrea publishes a weekly blog, covering an array of compelling subjects, including leadership, change, innovation, marketing, communications, strategy, culture, and sales. Utilizing a combination of real-world expertise and research, her works are easy, entertaining, and educational reads.


Andrea's work has been featured in multiple industry publications including Industry Week, Manufacturing Business Technology, Industry Today, Manufacturing Global, Reinforced Plastics, Warehousing Logistics International, and Metals & Manufacturing Outlook.

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