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      Development of Planting Base

      To establish a high quality and safe raw material planting base is not only the demand of agriculture industrialization, but also our company’s desperate requirement. As excessive pesticide residues and heavy metals, and unstable active ingredients had become the main problems that influence product quality, it is very urgent to build a high quality and standard Stevia raw material planting base.

      Relying on China’s biggest Stevia seedling base in Mingguang City, we are doing Stevia leaves research, seedling, planting and promotion by ourselves. We are developing Stevia leaves model base by providing high quality seedlings and also technical instructions to farmers,signing contracts with protective prices with them and even giving helps in funds. For those becoming our cooperation partners, we will sign contracts with them to make their planting as planned. By doing these, we can control the origin and quality of raw materials and also decrease the panting risks while increase the income of farmers. We are willing to join hands with more partners to create a sweet bossiness together!

      Anhui Bengbu Huadong Biological Technology Co., Ltd.
      Address:No. 20, Feihe River Road,Mo He Kou Industrial Park,Bengbu City,China Mobile phone:0552-5477999 Telephone:13305506669 Contacts:Mr. Zhengweiwei
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