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      Brief Introduction

      Bengbu Huadong Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Bengbu City, Anhui Province, near Mingguang county, the largest seedling center of Stevia leaves in China.

      We are a professional stevia  manufacturer integrating seedling, planting, R&D, manufacturing and sales for more than 20 years, with annual capacity of 1200MT. We have KOSHER, HALAL, FSSC, NOP, SGS certificate to make sure our quality and production conditions meeting a very high quality standard. In the meanwhile,our traceability programs make supply chain consistent and product traceable from plant to finished products.

      Anhui Bengbu Huadong Biological Technology Co., Ltd.
      Address:No. 20, Feihe River Road,Mo He Kou Industrial Park,Bengbu City,China Mobile phone:0552-5477999 Telephone:13305506669 Contacts:Mr. Zhengweiwei
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