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      Development of Planting Base
      Date:2019 Years3 Month19 Day Browse [2611]

      Establishing a high quality and safe raw material base is not only the need of agricultural industrialization, but also the urgent need of our company. Due to excessive agricultural residues, excessive heavy metals and unstable content of active ingredients in raw materials, these factors have become the main problems affecting product quality. Therefore, it is imperative to establish a high standard and standardized raw material planting base.

      Relying on the largest Stevia seedling breeding base in China (Mingguang City), the company develops, raises, grows and promotes itself. By providing demonstration bases for large-scale development of Stevia planting with high-quality seedlings, we introduce high-quality Stevia seedlings to these bases, provide technical guidance, sign protection price to recover raw materials, and give appropriate financial support. To become a partner of raw material base of the company, the company will sign a contract with the growers and plant it in a planned way. In this way, it not only ensures the control of raw material sources and quality, but also reduces the risk of farmers'planting and increases farmers' income. The company is willing to join hands with people of insight to create a sweet cause!

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