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      Stevioside production enterprises generally optimistic about the international market
      Date:2014 Years7 Month19 Day Browse [2809]

      China Stevia use of downstream market is very broad, including food, beverage, bakery food, pickled food, canned food, soy sauce and seasoning manufacturing have different levels of demand. At the same time, these enterprises also actively seeking new product competition, will the new additive steviosides this natural zero calorie sweetener as the product is a common choice, therefore our local market consumption is also very great number of stevioside.

      At present, stevia sugar RA95, RA97 product prices are in 800 yuan breakthrough, RA95 price in the 700-750 yuan per kilogram, RA97 in 750-800 per kg.

      It is understood, Chinese steviosides production enterprises generally optimistic about the international market, that the European market has opened the door, some medium-sized enterprises have varying degrees of expansion behavior, the future market does not rule out the possibility of stevioside price continues to decline.

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