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      The national standard review sub committee of the ninth meeting of the review of stevioside and stan
      Date:2014 Years7 Month19 Day Browse [1890]

      The first national food safety standards review committee on food additives Branch Committee of the ninth meeting held in Beijing in April 24, 2014 -25. The meeting chaired by Chairman Zhao Tonggang. Attend the meeting have Committee Sub Committee on food additives (17 for 4), unit 8 (absent members of 1), the national food safety standards evaluation committee secretariat 5 people attended the meeting.

      National Health and Family Planning Commission of food safety standards and monitoring and evaluation standards division director Zhang Xudong introduced the recent National Health Planning Commission on food standard cleaning work progress, and the Committee has been working hard and on food safety standards of the selfless dedication expressed thanks, and hope the committee can support countries as in the past health health food safety standards committee work.

      The meeting was informed of the content of the adjustment of the forty-sixth CCFA progress, the national food safety standards "food additive 1,3- two oleic acid -2- palmitic acid triglyceride", discusses the use of additives in food additives, and reached an agreement. Review of the national food safety standards "standards for use of food additives" (GB2760) amendments, "gum" and "food additives and ingredients of stevioside" 24 standards and 1 standard amendment, the conclusions of the review are "through the review, the need to improve the relevant content".

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