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      British Coca-Cola welcomes Commission approved as a sweetener stevioside
      Date:2014 Years7 Month18 Day Browse [1416]

      Coca-Cola Europe President Dominique Reiniche said, "sweeteners Europe Coca-Cola welcomes the European Commission approved as food, beverage, stevioside in Europe to. In addition, our drinks are also within the scope of the use of sweeteners, provide more choices for us, provides health beverage choices for consumers. Another important milepost, provides opportunities for our development, innovation of our products, to provide more choices and way of life."

      The success story of the introduction of Stevia to zero calorie category Coca-Cola growth. Nearly 30 years ago, Coca-Cola Europe launched its first non caloric, delicious drink, Coca-Cola light. Today, the brand's 2/3 low or no calorie choices, the 140 brand in Europe, 30% of total sales is low and no heat.

      The formula of the drink different calorie content, Coca-Cola Europe carbonated beverage products have been reduced by 10%, in the past 10 years. The company constantly innovate, using a variety of sweeteners in beverage formulations, and provide more and better products, with a low calorie, to meet the consumer's choice.

      Stevioside is a Coca Cola Co of innovation choice, give them what they want for consumers, we used a lot of Stevia products, in France in 2009 approved the use of stevioside in food and beverage, Coca Cola Co launched in Europe and other natural sweetener stevioside product mix drink.

      Coca Cola Co has been in product innovation, in the past 50 years I offer to the same products to meet consumer demand. And options.

      The use of Coca Cola Co in beverages by Cargill stevioside is from the nature growth of Stevia extract zero calorie sweetener stevioside.

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