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      Stevia - earth grow sweet
      Date:2014 Years7 Month19 Day Browse [1550]

      Xie Fei Huang Ju, the autumn sound, this autumn you and chrysanthemum had intimate contact? In fact, major Compositae empire with a vast territory, except in the autumn season to all kinds of flower exhibition hardy cultivar, the rest of us as Gaisang Dahlia dandelion are many, This is not the only one. If you are a chowhound, then I mentioned "composite", name your masticatory muscles developed over 15 cm of oral groove back must be born between Chung vegetables, lettuce, sunflower and other ingredients. If you are a professional chowhound, perhaps even jump out of a difficult vocabulary -- Stevia rebaudiana.

      Stevia rebaudiana (Stevia Rebaudiana), a native South American herbs of the genera of Compositae chrysanthemum. The local indigenous people since ancient times have used sweet leaf chrysanthemum tea drink, occasionally added to a variety of strange herbs. Now the stevia footprints all over America and Eurasia, but to fight and not "Chrysanthemum Tea" slogan, but a great reputation in the industry of stevioside sweetener "Stevioside".

      In order to meet the demand of human primitive instinct of sweetness, the modern food industry in sweeteners really spent a lot of effort. Derivatives of sweetener is widely used as sweetener including natural sweeteners, natural products, and synthetic sweeteners in three categories, including natural sweeteners can be divided into sugar and sugar alcohol sweeteners, non sugar sweetener two.

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