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      The British launched two containing Stevia candy juice beverage
      Date:2014 Years7 Month19 Day Browse [1431]

      The British Waitrose company recently introduced two new low calorie fruit juice beverage products. New products used as sweetener stevioside. This is Waitrose first launched in stevioside sweetener products for.

      It is understood, at present new products in the UK market, products include Apple Juice and Orange Juice, 30% lower calorie content than normal Waitrose juice. New products can provide a low calorie options for consumers without changing difference product flavor.

      The new foreign products containing stevioside has introduced, the future market of stevioside is relatively optimistic.

      According to market research, 2012 stevioside market scale reached $304000000 in 2013, 11 months before the market demand to reach 4100 tons. But our stevioside market is facing the embarrassing situation. With the bitter taste of stevioside and licorice, which requires the supplier to provide solutions, but our stevioside supply is still at the primary level, with research and development strength and can provide solutions to the terminal year enterprise rarely. In 2013, our country the stevia plant area is reduced to less than 100000 acres, in 2014 enterprises and farmers to plant the enthusiasm is not very high, the stevia leaf prices rose by 20%, but our country stevia sugar export prices remained stable, the profitability of the enterprise space sharply. In addition, the international enterprises in the development of production technology of fermented active, to reduce the cost of production, for the extraction of natural sources of stevioside prospects and challenges.

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