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      Domestic producers of stevia glycosides case
      Date:2014 Years7 Month4 Day Browse [1743]

      China's current situation and prospects of the development of stevia stevia

      production and application in our country has been 20 years of history, is

      currently the world's largest day chrysanthemum glucoside producing and exporting

      country, but in terms of production or from the market to see , are not perfect,

      not too ripe. Current state of the industry is rising spiral, ups and downs, from

      the development up to now has gone through several ups and downs. From the

      international market, compared with other sugar, stevia market slow pace of

      development in the world. Stevioside industry in China in the leading position of

      glycosides are mainly exported to Japan, South Korea, the United States, Southeast

      Asia and other countries. Japan, South Korea, bulk purchase our products for

      further processing. Foreign companies in accordance with the sweetness of customer

      needs, such as 50-fold, 80-fold to produce added value is very high. In addition

      to buying our primary products, carried out in the process, the Japanese in China,

      there are many designated farm, the Japanese take their own species, to find the

      base, and then underwriting exports. Currently, China is the world's largest

      exporter of stevioside production and occupy more than 80% of the global market.

      Many agricultural exports in China, it is one of the highest global market share

      of deep processing of agricultural products, the annual export of calculating the

      equivalent sweetness of stevia exports by more than 200,000 tons of sugar. Japan

      and South Korea now stevioside food producers and consumers heavily used, mostly

      produced in China. This year, China's exports of stevioside growing year

      by year,mainly exported to Japan more than 20 countries outside South Korea, the

      United States, Canada, Russia, etc. are also Chinese buyers except stevia. One of

      today's major competitors on the international market, stevioside, is a synthetic

      sweeteners - aspartame. Whether it is from the sweetness factor, taste or price,

      stevia and aspartame are relatively close in advocating green food, health food

      today, stevioside dual function as a food ingredient, and has broad application

      prospects. However, due to many factors, geographical environment, eating habits

      and living standards by individual countries approved the use of the variety and

      amount of additives is very different. On stevioside, China, Korea, Taiwan and

      other Asian countries and regions, as well as Brazil, Paraguay, South America and

      other places allowed; view some European and American countries is different.

      Therefore, some Western countries have not yet approved the use of stevia included

      in the list of permitted food additives. Stevioside included Western markets there

      are still some regulatory bottlenecks. To sum up the potential of stevia in the

      domestic market and space are large, will be presented for the foreseeable stevia

      Should seek a new situation. As people get to know the benefits of stevia to

      continue to expand the application fields, and constantly open up foreign markets,

      internationalization has stevia is an inevitable trend. As the third generation of

      a new source of sugar, stevia will certainly burst out greater vitality. 2, the

      domestic producers of stevia glycosides case "Ganzhou Julong High-Tech Industrial

      Co., Ltd." referred to Ju Long-Tech, the company is a leading global stevia extract

      - stevioside production enterprises. With modern extraction plant, deep processing

      workshop, storage facilities, research centers, is currently the highest standards

      and most functional, best facilities stevioside production companies. Ju Long-Tech

      was founded in May 2009, the registered capital of 220 million yuan, total

      investment 760 million yuan, covers an area of 120,000 square meters, the annual

      output value will reach 20 billion yuan. Companies from cultivation of raw

      materials, production management, application development, comprehensive quality

      control. Companies based on plant extracts industry, is committed to providing

      natural, low-calorie diet solutions for global consumers, extraction technology

      development through the "cultivation of new varieties of plants upstream of quality

      breeding planting, low-cost and efficient separation of midstream and downstream

      end-product applications technology research and promotion "vertical chain linkage

      initiatives to achieve" world-class supplier of Stevia "strategic objectives,

      achieve market over the next five years. Long-Tech has a production capacity of

      chrysanthemum extract stevioside in 4,000 tons of high purity RA% 1500 tons, 1500

      tons of medicinal steviosin able to provide customers with stevioside, high purity

      RA, three series of more than a dozen medicinal steviosin varieties of products to

      meet different customer needs. Technical core talent: Yang Xinwei, Minister of

      Technology, male, Han nationality, born in January 1981, still people in the

      Jiangxi, graduated from Nanchang University, Bachelor of Science (2004), Master of

      Engineering (2007), engineer (2010), the incumbent Ganzhou Julong High-Tech

      Industrial Co., Ltd. technology Minister. September 2000 to July 2007, studied at

      the Department of Chemistry, Nanchang University of Applied Chemistry, has

      received a master's degree and a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering. April

      2007 to December 2009, worked in PureCircle (Jiangxi) Biotechnology Co., Ltd., is

      mainly engaged in research and development of stevioside product quality

      management system certification and so on. January 2010, entered Ganzhou Julong

      High-Tech Industrial Co., Ltd. Technology, mainly engaged in high-purity stevia

      products deep-processing technology research and development, quality management

      system and intellectual property rights. GLG Life Group Technology Canada to invest

      in China's stevia business

      American GLG Group is composed of 39 U.S. and Canadian famous banker, entrepreneur,

      philanthropist and university presidents by the formation of high-tech U.S.

      multinational corporations. Group plans to invest 2 billion yuan of new stevia

      cultivation and the world's largest production base in China, Group China has built

      an agricultural research center, 10 planting bases, four production and processing

      base, has been building the world's largest stevia cultivation and processing

      base. Group production of stevia products rich in the most sweet stevia ingredients

      RA, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the use of high

      purity RA: stevia sweetener market in the world to bring 400 billion yuan / year

      market share. As an industry pioneer, GLG Group, with capital, technology, markets

      and the advantages of having a complete industrial chain has been ranked industry

      in the world. The following series of products for the production of stevia GLG

      investment projects in China: 年 2006, GLF Group's investment into the "Qingdao

      Runde Biotechnology Co., Ltd.", a total investment of 50 million U.S. dollars

      registered capital of 23 million U.S. dollars, in 2007, in Anhui Province Mingguang

      investment in building "Chuzhou Runhai stevia Tech Co., Ltd.", a total investment

      of one hundred million dollars, the registered capital of 25 million U.S. dollars.

      Chuzhou Runhai production and quality stevia plant extracts 1000 tons, with an

      average annual sales income of 260 million yuan, total profit of 60 million. 2007

      investment in Dongtai, Jiangsu Province, the construction of "East station CHEPARK

      stevia Tech Co., Ltd.", a total investment of 86 million U.S. dollars registered

      capital of 30 million U.S. dollars, foreign companies run by a nine-month period, a

      project of two Chinese monomer the maximum capacity, the highest tech stevioside

      production line officially completed running. GLG Group Chuzhou, Anhui Xiaogang

      Village, Fengyang County, the establishment of a comprehensive strategic alliance

      partnership, plans a total investment 1.5 billion yuan, plans to build an area of

      1,000 acres of high-tech industrial park GLG Xiaogang Village, the development of

      high-tech agricultural projects and high-tech food industry projects. Meanwhile,

      the Group also invested 5 million dollars was set up to benefit farmers in Anhui

      Bengbu stevia-tech Development Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and

      development of high quality stevia seeds and seedlings, breeding and promotion. Dr.

      Chang is currently the Group launched a series of tea drinks Zero card and CCTV

      advertising, launched a comprehensive Chinese zero card market. Fifth, the

      environment and the growth of stevia Stevia cultivation techniques brief strong

      resistance, fewer pests and diseases, wide adaptability, can be planted in South

      and North, is now in Beijing, Hebei, Shanxi, Jiangsu, Fujian, Hunan, Yunnan 27

      provinces are introduction. Stevia optimal growth temperature was 20 ~ 25 ℃, the

      area south of the Yangtze River is generally available natural winter, northern

      winter can be the root cellar Paul coming year transplanting. Stevia on the soil

      loose, thermophilic moisture fear of drought, its root system is shallow, wet and

      fertile cultivated to facilitate irrigation and sandy loam as well. Available

      seeds, cuttings, layering,

      Ramet, etc. reproduction. It is a short-day crops, light will not work longer than

      12 hours to fruition. Hi stray light, stalk can grow some crops in the furrow

      between the edge and adapt it to the requirements of stray light. (1) nursery

      seedbed nursery: stevia seed germination potential and germination rate at a

      maximum temperature of 20 ℃. Temperatures in the spring sowing is generally

      carried out at 15 ℃. To remove the seeds before planting crested, selected by

      winnowing or water soaking after a day to dry. Nursery seedbed to the next whole

      crushing, some of composting manure was applied when soil preparation; with a stick

      in the seedbed surface scratching 2-3 mm deep ditch every 5 to 7 cm sowing, the

      seeds were sown in the trench (can also be directly sow the Qimian), pat pressure,

      so that combined with the soil closely with the watering can watering, covered with

      plastic film. 15 kg per hectare sowing, emergence available 20 hectares planted

      field. Chuangtu kept moist after planting, emergence 4 to 5 days, 30 days after

      the select transplanting seedlings with 10 true leaves. Sand nurturing seedlings:

      The selected seeds soaked in hot water with 50 ℃ for 4 hours out on a dish

      filled with sand at a temperature of 25 ℃, humidity of 75% under normal

      circumstances, germination, grow to be 1 to 2 true leaves, roots when planting

      one centimeter. Cutting Propagation: before squaring yet with woody stems root

      as cuttings. Sand seedbed is appropriate, can be incorporated into a number

      of pond scum. Scissor cuttings with two to three branches, insert wooden

      sticks beaten hole after compaction, leaving budding festival. Density

      of 3 × 5 cm. Seedbed to shade, 7

      days or so to take root. (2), before planting management field planting, open bar

      basal furrow do some of farmyard manure. Planting spacing of 50 × 15 cm, about

      8000 to 10,000 per acre of grass. Height 10 cm, to a constantly topping topping,

      prompting many branches. Throughout the growing season, especially in the seedling

      stage, pay attention to water management. Growth period can be 2 to 3

      times a timely dressing, combined with cultivation, weed earth. Cut

      leaves two weeks before

      applying fertilizer to increase the blade sweetness. (3), harvesting

      and chrysanthemum leaf harvest ring species cultivated land should

      be based on climaticconditions, cultivation techniques may be. When

      the plants flower buds appear, it is time leaves contain the highest amount

      of inulin glycosides, timely harvest.

      When harvested at 20 cm from the ground cut, natural winter protection may leave

      some leaves in winter. Need seed plants, can be short light treatment, that stevia

      fertility peak (90 days after emergence) began shading, ie 18:00 cover, uncover

      the next 8:00, 20 to 25 days of continuous shading on can bear fruit. Seeds are

      very light, can be used to trap the plant after a plastic bag flapping harvest. Six

      investment stevia market

      1, currently available on the market stevia Type: Normal Total glycosides

      stevioside, A3 (RA) Stevia, S (STV) glycosides stevioside, stevia enzyme

      restructuring. 2, through a variety of stevia production: Normal Total glycosides

      extracted from the Stevia Stevia is out. RA stevia glycosides by ordinary total

      glycosides stevioside as raw materials come recrystallization (S belongs to the

      production of stevia glycosides RA stevia glycosides second product). Stevia is an

      enzyme restructuring the way through biological decomposition come. 3, various

      stevia sweetness: Normal Total glycosides stevioside is about 150-200 times

      sweeter, A3 (RA) is about 300-400 times the sweetness of stevia, S (STV) sweetness

      of stevia glycosides 100 150 times, the enzyme 100 times the sweetness of stevia

      restructuring. (The higher the price of your stevioside content, based on a

      multiple of said sucrose as a reference). 4, yield analysis Guangdong region humid

      subtropical and tropical areas, which belonged to two crops a year, three cooked,

      or cooked five years, floods, droughts and crop rotation and various

      intercropping, crop rotation system. Stevia plants growing in this area, a short

      period of dormancy, winter planting seedlings, transplanting field next spring, to

      be received by June flowering bud once, after continuous close 3-5 times last

      autumn do not accept, then planting until end of 11-12 months, field pumping


      sprout coming year hibernation. Thus, the annual cropping can grow 3-5 years.

      Stevia growth area sufficient heat, light, moisture. Stevia plummeted high growth

      yield per acre annual 250kg-300kg. Production of one ton of ordinary leaf stevia

      glycosides need to look at the total sugar content of stevia leaves, sugar is a key

      factor in deciding how much stevia to be to look at the sugar content of the

      leaves in the current market is about 10-15%, that 11-8 t out of one ton of sugar,

      one hundred percent of the production in order to extract the calculation. 5, the

      current market price of Stevia: Stevia glycosides general about 90% of the total

      :20-260 000 1 ton. A3 (RA) is about 90% Stevioside :120-1600000 1 t. S glycosides

      stevioside is about 90% :60-800 000 1 ton. Enzyme Modified Stevia about :12-180 000

      1 ton. (Market price fluctuations of many factors, the market price is for

      reference!) 6, China Stevia Stevia year export production: According to Chinese

      customs data, China's exports between 2000-3000 tons of stevioside, Japan, South

      Korea is a major customers. 7, stevioside production line: the current production

      of stevia product lines are the following (1) ordinary total glycosides stevioside

      production line; (2) A3 (RA) Stevia production line (S glycosides stevioside

      belongs RA stevia production the second product of sugar); (3) enzyme Modified

      stevia production line.

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