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      stevia advantages
      Date:2014 Years7 Month4 Day Browse [1454]

      1, safe. By domestic and pharmacological experiments show that stevioside non-

      carcinogenic substances, toxic side effects, food safety. Stevia origin in South

      America Paraguay, Brazil and other places people eat stevia than 400 years of

      history, has not found any poison. 2, high sweetness. 200-300 times sweeter than

      sugar considerably. Stevioside sugar substitute can reduce costs by more than 60%,

      and reduce traffic, transport costs and warehousing equipment. Meanwhile, long-term

      storage, not bad. 3, low calorific value. Sugar calories calories equivalent to

      only 1/300, can be used in low-calorie foods, beverages and pharmaceuticals. Long-

      term consumption of stevioside not make people fat, and there is hypoglycemic,

      anti-caries, stomach, relieve fatigue function, and fitness weight loss and

      diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, atherosclerosis and other secondary effects

      in patients with eating there is production of health foods, health drinks, health

      care products, such as cosmetics and pharmaceuticals ideal natural sweetener. 4,

      stevia soluble in water and alcohol, sucrose, fructose, isomerized sugar mix tastes

      better. 5, stevia is a non-fermentable substances, stable, easy to mold, change

      does not occur in food and beverage production, but also easy storage and

      transportation. Long-term consumption does not cause tooth decay. 6, stevia taste

      like sugar, but also a unique cool, sweet characteristics. Can be used to make the

      flavor of food, candy and so on. Also be used as flavoring agents. Suppress odor

      certain foods, drugs, smell, instead of sugar for the pharmaceutical, manufacturing

      syrups, granules, pills. Can be used for spices, pickles products, toothpaste,

      cosmetics and cigarettes. 7, economy. Use stevia cost only 30-40% sucrose. 8 and

      stability. Under normal conditions of food and beverage processing, the nature of

      stevia is quite stable, help to reduce viscosity, inhibit bacterial growth, extend

      product shelf life. Stevioside is a non-fermentable substances, stable, has

      antibacterial effects, processing does not change color, temperature, heat and pH

      (PH3-10) stable, sweet no change in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other

      production processes will not change. 9, stevioside does not affect the food

      coagulation, viscous and non-coloring, such as sucrose browning phenomenon does not occur.

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