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      the use of a stevia
      Date:2014 Years7 Month4 Day Browse [1418]

      stevioside About Stevia is a high intensity from the

      refined Stevia extract stevioside, a natural low-calorie sweetener, safe, no side

      effects, became China's second sugar, beet sugar after the "third source of sugar"

      in the international community as the "king of plant sugars." In 1995 the FDA

      approved for use as food additives. 1999 revised national standard stevioside

      (GB8270-1999) confirmed stevia as a food additive used in food industry. Stevia

      chemical properties: white to light yellow crystalline powder. Melting point 198 ℃

      . 1g of the product can be dissolved in 800ml water, slightly soluble in ethanol.

      Drain rapidly in air humidity. High temperature, acidic and alkaline solution is

      relatively stable. More than 90% purity, pure sweetness, cool and refreshing, 200-

      300 times the sweetness of sucrose, sucrose calorific value of only 1/300 to heat,

      acid, alkali salts are extremely stable, no color, taste, and easy soluble in

      water, more soluble in ethanol, sucrose, fructose, maltose, inulin fruit mix, which

      does not change the flavor saccharide sweeteners, the sweetness and also has the

      effect of multiplying. Ju glycoside is ideal sweet food, having a low heat

      percent, sucrose only three calories. Sweet chrysanthemum human consumption, the

      body can not break down the sweet glycosides making daisy into glucose, it will not

      be absorbed by the blood vessels, after digestion with fiber morphology will be

      excreted. Therefore, the excess calories without the rest arising from obesity or

      increased glucose levels in diabetics. Domestic and international food experts and

      medical experts in clinical experiments confirmed that the product of diabetes,

      high blood pressure have a certain effect on obesity, cardiovascular disease,

      gastritis, oral diseases, hyperacidity, etc. have a certain role of adjuvant

      therapy. So, for patients with diabetes and hypertension and obesity can be assured

      to enjoy. 2, the use of stevia Stevia (chrysanthemum glucoside) as a new sweetener

      widely used in various types of food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical

      industries. It can be said almost all products with sugar stevia can be used to

      replace part or all of the sugar substitute sweetener saccharin and other

      chemically synthesized. Different types of products, the addition of stevia is

      different, need to go through repeated research trials to select the best ratio in

      order to ensure product quality, taste, flavor. Stevia applications cite: (1) Tea:

      tea with stevia directly or tea with tea and other materials made of hypoglycemic

      diabetic patients, for stomach and promote digestion, sober and eliminate fatigue,

      obesity, high blood pressure and dental caries and other patients have a

      preventive effect. Currently, hypoglycemic tea on the domestic market, such as

      (Corning tea), rather red slimming tea, oolong tea, jujube play bead, red tea,

      etc., contain stevia ingredients, and some have been sold to foreign markets. (2)

      drinks: soda, orange juice, Jianlibao, Wahaha and a variety of fruit juices, ice

      cream and so on. (3) Snack: Stevia recreational benefits, Stevia moon cake,

      cookies, etc., become the nutrition, health, and children, the elderly need special

      food. (4) Canned: Canned fruits such as sugar bayberry, oranges, hawthorn,

      longan, etc.; aquatic products and canned meat such as seasonings contain stevioside play

      both functions also play a role preservative to extend shelf life. (5) flooded

      products categories: flooded the system with stevia as radish pickles and mustard,

      fresh and long, clean and delicious salted, non-perishable ⑥ fish. Add stevia to

      prevent spoilage of fish protein, while improving the flavor of fish also reduce

      costs. Such as various canned fish, seaweed and so on. (6) preserves, candied

      fruits and fruit cake: If after the application of stevia plum preserved, not only

      sweet and refreshing taste. (7) Alcohol: As with stevia cross into the prickly

      pear, sea buckthorn, grapes, wine, and liquor, wine, spicy deductible improve the

      flavor. You can also increase the beer foam, white, long-lasting. (8) Meat: Stevia

      joined with sausage, ham, meat and other foods wax can improve the flavor and

      prolong shelf life. (9) Gum and cosmetic products: join with stevia chewing gum,

      toothpaste, can promote the products of sweetness, but also reduce the

      proliferation of harmful bacteria in the mouth to reduce dental caries. Variety of

      toothpaste, chewing gum and piles of goods that have been applied stevioside. (10)

      Pharmaceutical: Stevia approved by the Ministry of Health in 1992, can be applied

      in medicine. Has developed a number of products, such as orange flavor Vc, diabetes

      throat tablets, pediatric cotrimoxazole, cough syrup, oral zinc gluconate and the

      like. (11) Other: such as multi-flavored pumpkin seeds, pumpkin fool, stevia,

      cigarettes, stevia powder and so on. Stevia foreign market applications: (1)

      American Coca-Cola Company and Cargill company is committed to the development and

      introduction of a natural, zero-calorie sweetener. Called Rebiana, the sweetener

      will meet consumer demand for natural, low-calorie foods and beverages. (2).

      American GLG Life Tech Group invests primarily in high-tech areas involving

      multiple sectors of agriculture, life sciences (health) and higher education,

      focused on the development of the United States, Canada and China three countries,

      current investment focus is further tilted towards China. There is huge demand for

      stevia. (3). Coca-Cola's 30 percent fever edition Fanta Still, Eckes-Granini brand

      companies Joker Vital Equilibre sugar nectar, and Danone Taillefine care brand four

      acid milk, yoghurt product which claims to be the first in France to stevia as

      sweeteners lactic acid products, in fact, in its product name also used stevia

      name-Taillefine a l'extract de Stevia. (4). Stevia soju in Korea, Japan, sake and

      foreign low-alcohol wine, wine in a wide range of applications.

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