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      Stevia tea in the end is what? There are no benefits to the human body?
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      Stevia herb tea Asteraceae. (Also known as "sweet grass"). Origin in Paraguay

      and Brazil phase of Abai Mountains (formerly Wild), is the local people for

      hundreds of years of natural raw materials used to soak the tea. 1887 was

      discovered. 1964 artificial cultivation fan planting success. 1975 of planting

      imported from Japan, in 1976 in my base and promote the success of the pilot


      High sweetness of Stevia tea leaves, because the factors of light, temperature,

      humidity and regional objective conditions, the sugar content is not the same,

      generally up to 9-14%, plunger (single-sex train) up to 16%.

      Stevia dried tea leaves do after crushing sugar. After alcohol treatment, receive

      20% -30% of the egg yellow crude extract is 100-150 times the sweetness of sugar,

      stevia tea deep processing into sugar, white sugar sweetness is 250-300 times, the

      heat only white granulated sugar 1/300. Is a natural "green sweet additive", has

      been widely used in food, beverage, brewing, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and other

      industries. Hypertension, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and hardening of the

      blood have a significant effect. Long drinking can achieve the effect of physical

      health, longevity.

      Tea drinking should be suitable for the summer, and this tea, I think people should

      be properly drinking stomach.

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