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The New Customer Mission

For all the industry talk about being customer-focused, few companies are truly are. It’s all too easy for organizations to become inward focused and think about their own activities rather than what their customers are going through. Andrea discusses how organizations need to step back from their assumptions and shift their strategies to center on recognizing, responding, and rewarding customer-centric actions and behaviors. 

Creating True Differentiation

You have many competitors that can quickly and easily produce what you offer, and it's a continual struggle to tell the "we're different and better" story. How do you differentiate when you don't have any differences to highlight? This presentation will cover a variety of methods for addressing ways to effectively differentiate your products and services in a highly competitive and commoditized marketplace. 

What's Holding Manufacturing Back?

Industrial organizations rely heavily on a direct, distribution or dealer sales force for growth. Many of these companies have built themselves from the ground-up through street smarts, sweat, and hustle. With many sales build upon long-term relationships, why does a manufacturer need marketing? Learn how manufacturers can use marketing in new and innovative ways to increase their value to their customers.

10 Business Assumptions That Will Kill Your Company

Advances in technology, globalization of markets, and talent wars have all contributed to a new business landscape, where competition can come from left field, and revenue growth can shrivel up overnight. This presentation examines the 10 business assumptions that put companies at risk for revenue loss, decreased market share, and possible obsolescence.

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